Wafer seller from Sil

This mural represents a wafer jar. This tin object, like a pitcher of milk and brush drawings, was were the wafers was carried. At the top of the wafer jar there was a game: a roulette wheel with numbers that assigned a prize to participants. The wafer sellers marched to big cities (especially to Madrid) and enlivened the fairs selling wafers singing:

"The rich cinnamon wafer for the girl and the boy, with coconut and so cheap, with mint and how it feeds! with vanilla and lemon, how rich they are!".

The people of Parada de Sil came to see them leaving from the viewpoints on the cliffs of the Sil river, so now called Balconies of Madrid. In the left side is painted a synthetized view of the Sil´s cliffs and superimposed the rosette of the rosette of Santa Cristina´s monastery.

Miguel Peralta.

Parada de Sil (Galicia). 2015.

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