Snake´s stone from Vilaescura

Many years ago, when the mouros came to the area of Galicia, a beautiful moura fell in love with a boy from the village. They meet hidden in the woods, always in the same place: a huge stone in a lost way. One day moura´s family heard what was happening and decided to kill the boy, it was incomprehensible a love story between as different cultures and bloods. When the moura discovered that his beloved was killed, she  went mad, did a spell and became a black snake.

Since then she rounds the large stone that hid the secret meetings of the couple in the forest, waiting for her lover to appears. So today, if you walk through the forests of Vilaescura and see a black snake, be careful not to damage her; you're hanging around the moura´s stone. (Fonte: Antonio Reigosa Galicia encantada).

Xoana Almar & Miguel Peralta.

Sober (Lugo). 2015.

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