CESTOLA na CACHOLA is a collective self-employment project that constitute three people to work on what we love and where we apply our knowledge.

Xoana Almar and Miguel Peralta make murals, paintings and ilustration.

Raquel Doallo works and militates in the way of social and solidary economy.

We are:

-a cooperative: company of democratically shared management (one person-one vote, regardless of the capital contributed).

-of associated work: we are united to pool our work.

-without profit: under the premise that "the salary is not profit" defend to earn a living wage through the marketing of our products and services. Prices of clothing, artwork, etc, you can see in our online shop are calculated to maintain the structure of the cooperative (material costs, personnel) without any partner / or enrich a private capacity. Should the cooperative benefits are obtained, they are not distributed among partner people, but will strengthen the project.

CESTOLA NA CACHOLA born with the belief that this economic model has to change, and that change will come from a conscious and organized society. Against the individualism, the union and networking. That is why we are in REAS Galiza, UGACOTA, Rede SALMov3, AGPI and O Peto.


If you want to know more about the team of the cooperative, look at our professional profiles


*Galician "cestola" is a colloquial way of saying "basket" and "cachola" "head"